Refund Policy

Due to the nature of event videography, Memory Machine Films cannot guarantee refunds of any kind for any reason.

In the event of cancellation, if we determine that there have been no damages (ie. lost bookings falling on the same day, additional equipment purchases, etc.), we may elect to refund a portion of the original deposit. This is completely at our discretion. You can find more about our liquidated damages policy in our event contract prior to booking.

We have never been unable to deliver a final product but as with all professions that rely on technology, there is an inherent risk of equipment malfunction. This risk includes, without limitation, camera, sound, lighting, editing, electronic storage and/or computer malfunctions. Consequently, these malfunctions may result in either the complete or the partial loss of footage and/or sound. We promise to take all reasonable steps necessary to avoid such malfunctions, however, in the event that such malfunctions occur, Client waives any and all legal rights against Company for any damages resulting from such equipment malfunctions. If such damages do occur, the Parties will come to a reasonable decision for loss of said items.

We have never had an unsatisfied client that we know of but if for some reason, you are not satisfied, we will do everything within our power (and within reason) to make you happy. However, because of the extreme amount of time, creativity and financial investment that goes into wedding videography, we cannot offer a refund.