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Memory Machine Feature - Redfin

We were featured on Redfin!

We're thrilled to announce that we were recently featured in an article by Redfin! As part of their initiative to highlight the best activities in various cities, Redfin reached out to us for recommendations on our favorite things to do in Anaheim. Naturally, we were excited to share our top pick: Cross Roads Escape Games.

Why We Love Cross Roads Escape Games

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular as a fun and interactive way to spend time with friends, family, or colleagues. Among the many options available, Cross Roads Escape Games stands out for us. Whether you're looking for an engaging team-building exercise or just a unique night out, this place has it all.

Cross Roads Escape Games offers a variety of themed rooms, each with its own set of challenges and storylines. The creativity and detail that go into each room are truly impressive, making every visit a new adventure. The puzzles are well-designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and teamwork, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

Perfect for Team Building

For us, one of the biggest highlights of Cross Roads Escape Games is how well it serves as a team-building exercise. Working together to solve the puzzles and escape the room brings out the best in communication and collaboration among team members. It's a fantastic way to strengthen bonds and improve teamwork in a fun and relaxed environment.

A Fun Night Out

Of course, you don't need to be on a team-building mission to enjoy Cross Roads Escape Games. It's also a perfect choice for a fun night out with friends or family. The immersive experience and the thrill of solving puzzles together make for memorable moments that you’ll be talking about long after you’ve escaped.

Check Out the Redfin Article

We’re honored to have been asked for our input and delighted to see our recommendation featured on Redfin. If you’re interested in discovering more great things to do in Anaheim, be sure to check out the full article on Redfin's website!

Amber Grider | Author, Videographer, Photographer

Amber Grider

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